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How to Differentiate a Good Franchise Consultant From the Rest

When we meet people and tell them about what we do, it is not uncommon for them to tell us that they have never heard of a franchise consultant service like ours before. They sometimes ask why someone would want our help.

If they have heard about our unique niche in franchising, it may be because they met someone else who does something similar to what we do. In that case, they may be asking us what makes us different.

So the answer to the question “why would someone want the help of a franchise consultant” is that we have been doing this a long time….14 years in Texas to be exact! We also know the local market and availability of territory for many franchises, because we work hand-in-hand with franchisors. In addition, we have the local resources people need to get the business off the ground, like attorneys, bankers and CPAs. As a result, most of our business comes from local referrals.

There are other franchise consultants out there but one of our unique differentiators is that we meet with our clients face-to-face in one of our offices. We know getting into business is a big decision. It deserves proper guidance and help as well as a personal relationship. Our service definitely is not a “drive-up” service like some franchise consultants have on the internet. People should be wary of “franchise consultants” they meet that way who offer up franchise options after only speaking to you for just a few minutes. Unfortunately, sometimes they are just trying to push a few concepts they know.

Finding the right franchise fit takes time, and we spend a lot of time with our clients, usually over the course of a few months. Once our clients are in business, we enjoy seeing them grow and using their goods and services in our local market.

Bottom line – in working with a franchise consultant, you have to work with someone you trust who is working with your best interest in mind. And recognize that acting in your best interest may lead to your consultant telling you that maybe now isn’t the time or perhaps franchise ownership isn’t right for you.

FranNet has been around over 30 years providing support to our consultants and clients. We have a great reputation in franchising, because we are focused on our clients…and then finding the right franchise fit. In central, south and west Texas, we have a track record of helping hundreds of successful owners and twelve “Rookies of the Year,” meaning fastest start to their businesses.

Our franchise consultants have varied backgrounds including experience as franchisees, corporate executives, MBAs and military. Some can also provide bilingual help. To sum it up, we have the right consultant here for you! And the best news is that we offer our services at no cost to you.

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5 “Must Have” Skills to be a Successful Franchise Owner

If you’re thinking about investing in a franchise, the first step is assessing whether or not you would be a successful franchise owner.

Many people are excited about the idea of franchise ownership and eager to find the most successful franchise but there many things that must be considered prior to making that decision.

According to FranNet Texas Southwest owner, Merri Cronk, the skills it takes to make a franchise successful are different from what many people think. With that in mind, here are the top five skills a person must have to be a successful franchise owner.

Marketing Skills

Knowing how to sell your services and products and/or being willing to learn and execute sales systems as laid out by the franchisor is critical no matter how educated or experienced you are.

“One of the biggest challenges franchise owners face is business development,” Cronk explains. “It is best to know your marketing and sales strengths and focus on considering franchises that put those strengths to good use.”

Business Management Skills

To be successful, running a business takes a lot of general business knowledge and abilities in areas such as accounting, employee relations, time management and customer service.

“Even if you are really good at your profession or highly knowledgeable about an industry, these leverageable business skills are even more important to success,” says Cronk.

A Business Owner Mentality

Seeing yourself as an owner rather than an employee is very important to becoming a successful franchise owner. A business owner must focus on working on the business rather than in it. It is important to be able to delegate and manage instead of thinking of performing the function of the business.

“Many people want to work in their previous profession because they enjoy that type of work or know how to be successful as a worker in that industry,” says Cronk. “However, this can cause them to get too caught up in the details of the work and lack the time and ability to oversee the whole business. It is important to see the big picture and make the decisions necessary for running a successful franchise.”

Family Support

Because owning a business requires a lot of commitment and time, it’s important that your family is supportive.

“While buying certain types of franchises can lead to a family-friendly lifestyle, it can take some extra time and effort up front that will impact your family to an extent,” says Cronk. “To be successful, it’s important to make sure your family understands this and supports the endeavor.”

Ability to Follow a System

Franchises develop well-honed systems that have been proven to be successful. So if you are good at following rules and systems, franchise ownership is an ideal fit for you and your chances of success will be much greater.

To sum it up, being a franchise owner isn’t for everyone so it’s better to do a serious self-assessment prior to taking the plunge.

If you would like to further assess your skills in relation to franchise ownership, the franchise consultants at FranNet would be happy to provide a no-cost consultation. To book an appointment, click the “Get Started” button on the upper right corner of this page or give us at a call at 512-329-2613.

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FranNet Consultant Merri Cronk Helps Retired Pilot Find a Second Career

Franchise Consultant Merri Cronk was excited to recently help a retired Air Force pilot find a second career with the franchise, Lawn Doctor.  Rich and his wife Patsy had looked into a fast food restaurant but when that fell through, the couple contacted Merri, who showed them four quality franchises that would achieved their personal goals in addition to their financial goals. The model has worked well for the couple. Today, the business model has allowed them to enjoy a semi-retired lifestyle while still enjoying the financial rewards of business ownership. To learn more about their journey, read this inspirational story.

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Border Business Report Interviews FranNet Consultant Claudia Lardizabal

If you’re wondering how FranNet helps people in a career change or those considering business ownership, check out this recent podcast featuring our very own franchise consultant, Claudia Lardizabal.


Finding the Best Franchise: Are You Missing the Gold?

“I wouldn’t want to own a cleaning service,” said one potential franchise owner. “That’s a dirty job.”

This is one example of a comment franchise consultants at FranNet hear about business such as cleaning, trash and home repair services. But the reality is that there are many seemingly unappealing and unknown franchises available that are hidden gems. They are highly profitable and many of them have a significantly lower up-front investment than the more popular and highly-visible franchise industries such as restaurants and retail chains.

“Many people are missing the gold because their perspective is limited,” explained franchise consultant, Kyle DeHaas. “When it comes to businesses like cleaning or home repair services, many people hesitate because they have a tendency to see themselves in the business’s technician role as a house keeper, trash man, etc. It’s a consumer-oriented viewpoint of business rather than a business-owner viewpoint.”

DeHaas said that in many cases this consumer-oriented thinking where the owner tries to do the technician-level work actually limits the success of the business.

“Expertise and involvement at the technician level often hurts business owners because they get too involved in the technical details and fail to sell enough or manage the business well,” said DeHaas. “What they really need to be is a good manager and sales person.”

DeHaas said the key to higher levels of success is a perspective change. They have to make the shift to a business-owner mentality where the business owner doesn’t do the technical work but rather focuses on business growth.

According to DeHaas, another perspective problem that keeps people from considering the most profitable franchise opportunities is their limited knowledge of what a franchise is and the kind of opportunities available.

“Many people think of a franchise as just a store-front operation like a Subway restaurant or an auto repair shop,” said DeHaas. “But there are many franchises available that are far more lucrative and take less investment up front.”

Some of these franchises include delivery, lawn care, party, beauty and business services.

So how do you find out which franchises have the best potential for success? DeHaas recommends starting with a good franchise consultant. While there are a number of franchise consultants available, not all offer the same in-depth consulting services.

“What sets us apart from other consultants is that we take the time to help potential franchise owners understand the scope of what’s available and think about which business model makes the most sense to achieve their personal goals,” said DeHaas. “And, the best news is that we offer this service for free through FranNet.”

To learn more about franchise consultants and how they can help you, check out FranNet Texas Southwest’s recent blog post, What is a Franchise Consultant & How Can They Help?

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