Franchise Business Consultant in Central Texas, West Texas and Rio Grande Valley

We Believe in:

  • Control: Our clients who invest in franchises in Texas make their own decisions.
  • Independence: Our clients make their own. They live life as they design it.
  • Financial Freedom: Our clients grow their businesses to meet their goals and live with limitless growth.
  • Flexibility: Our clients have the ability to do want they want when they want.
  • Family: Our clients focus on what matters most to them.
  • Success: Our clients have success on their terms!

FranNet of Central Texas, West Texas and Rio Grande Valley are dedicated to the values important to our clients. We provide franchise consulting to prospective business owners seeking the most successful franchises in Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, Odessa, Midland, McAllen and Brownsville. Decades of experience and intimate involvement in franchising has given us the insight needed to help our clients identify what they would want a business to do for them in terms of their personal, professional and financial goals and help them to find businesses to makes those goals a reality, no matter how they define it.

As franchise consultants and brokers, we work to educate our clients while identifying franchise opportunities that will allow them to meet their goals. We work with people throughout Central, West and Rio Grande Valley Texas, and we also with newcomers who buy a franchise in Texas, then set them up for success with on-going training, education, and insider support. We can help you too!

The FranNet team of franchise consultants and brokers will help you find what is right for you. As leading franchise brokers in Central and West Texas, we stake our reputation on our ability to match clients with the perfect franchise fit, and do so through an exclusive profiling and research process. And we will meet with you face-to-face in our local offices.

Once your franchise fit is found, we continue to offer support through on-going educational efforts, local business networking, and advice. We live in the same communities as our clients and stay in touch with many of them through the lives of their businesses.

Call, e-mail, or message us today to get started in your path to success. Our services have no cost to you! There is nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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Meet Your Consultant

  • Merri Cronk

    President Central, West & South TexasAustin

  • Claudia Lardizabal

    Franchise Consultant West & South Texas El Paso

  • Kyle De Haas

    Senior Franchise Consultant AustinAustin

  • Kevin Lucciola

    Franchise Consultant San AntonioSan Antonio

What Our Customers Say

If you are looking to change your career path, Kyle is an excellent resource. I engaged with Kyle in January 2013. He took the time to understand what my wife and I wanted out a business and how it related to us and our lifestyle. This is a very new concept coming out of the corporate world. Kyle then made several recommendations of potential companies. What I learned is that it is easier to find out what you want when you determine what you don't want.   Kyle took a lot of the mystery and anxiety out of the search and discovery process. Kyle also helped me overcome that "fear of failure" explaining that the franchise model reduces that risk dramatically IF you follow the process.   I consider Kyle a close friend and business associate now. I believe his strength is that he gets to know the person(s) before recommending opportunities.   I would recommend Kyle and his services to anyone even contemplating starting your own business and taking control of your life.

Craig Nelson, Lakeline, Lakeway,

Kyle's enthusiasm for small business ownership makes him a tremendous asset in exploring options for franchise ownership. I never knew what opportunities were available until I met Kyle. Once we set a plan, he was methodical, open-minded, and flexed when necessary. He's a great guy to work with!

David Nelson, TX,

"Merri worked with both me and my spouse through a challenging time of decision. She is very professional and capable."

Steve, Austin, TXClient,

"Merri was outstanding in not only screening potential franchise opportunities, but also in matching opportunities with what I wanted to achieve personally. She was an invaluable asset in the whole process. "

Robert, Austin, TXClient,

"Merri Cronk was very pleasant, caring and very easy to talk to. She was extremely helpful in finding me a franchise that matched my interests. She was very thorough in everything she did. I recommend her highly to anyone interested in a franchise. "

Dean, Austin, TXClient,

"Merri is very attentive to her client's needs and business goals and is even willing to continue to assist her customers even after the committment is made to purchase a franchise. She was extremely professional from start to finish - I would highly recommend her services for prospective franchisees out there. "

Frank, Austin, TXClient,

"Merri was always available to me and understood what I was looking for. I would strongly recommend Merri Cronk and FranNet to anyone who is looking at franchise opportunities. "

Juan, San Antonio, TXClient,

"Merri was absolutely terrific. She helped me identify my most important criteria, offered numerous options and guided me along the process. Merri was always patient, professional and available. She was receptive to every question and was able to answer them all. Yeah to Merri! I would recommend her to anyone wanting to start their own business."

Nancy, Austin, TXClient,

"Moving from the security of a corporate job to becoming a business owner was a difficult decision made easier thanks to Merri and the franchise concept. I like the idea of the support provided by a franchise along with a proven business model and am thankful that Merri was able to help me identify the right franchise and support me continuously throughout the process. Thank you Merri."

Rick, San Antonio, TXClient,

"Merri provided us with direction and great insight on different aspects of franchising. She made sure that all questions we had were answered clearly which made the decision process go smoothly. "

Robby, San Mateo, CAClient,

"Merri was extremely helpful and patient with me and my wife as we worked our way through the analysis process. She genuinely cared about me and wanted to make sure that I was making a good decision. I have highly recommended her to many of my colleagues and think she is the greatest. "

Tom, Austin, TXClient,

"Merri took the time to uncover my desires, provided creative options, followed through with me, and kept me on track. She provided contacts, information, and a sounding board when I needed it. And if she didn't have the information, her response of "let me look into it" was ALWAYS followed through. I can only pay her my highest compliment by ensuring that she'll get my recommendation."

Jeanne, Austin, TXClient,

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